In Dane County, the strength of a high school’s volleyball program directly correlates to the number of athletes it has who play club in the off-season with the strongest teams in the suburban districts where families have the money and parents have the time to invest in club volleyball.  Area urban schools generally have weaker volleyball programs, and what teams they have do not reflect the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of the schools they represent as these varsity and junior varsity teams are dominated by athletes whose families can afford off-season play, Often times students who attend private middle schools are able to make these city teams.

Another goal of Madison Starlings is to provide free or reduced cost quality volleyball coaching and experiences to youth who might otherwise not get to play advanced volleyball past the basic MSCR classes.   Starlings also wants to develop mentoring and coaches from within the program, to reward hard work and giving back, as well as to provide job skills and possible career options. This then advances the benefit cycle for all as they age through the program.








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